Rediscover the awakening of all your senses. Welcome to Vezo country for an unprecedented, privileged and refined experience. The Five Senses Lodge, tucked away from civilization and tourist circuits, on the wild and spectacular southwest coast of Madagascar, gives new meaning to the concept of exclusivity. The kindling of your senses begins upon your arrival, across from the immense lagoon where turquoise mingles with emerald. Tread the sugary white sand, savour the invigorating warmth of the crystalline water, ideal for water sports. Inhale the scents of local essential oils, ylang-ylang, vanilla, pink peppercorn, ginger… Relish a refined and colourful cuisine. Sway to the soft chant of the winds in the kasaurinabaums. And fully experience your exceptional adventure as you hear it


The Eco Lodge Five Senses is the ideal resort for a breath-taking vacation, nested along the largest lagoon ever in Madagascar. Several activities are proposed, inviting you to discover the incredible fauna and flora around.


Elegance, refinement and authenticity. Those words come to the mind to define the atmosphere and the philosophy of the restaurant Five Senses.


Madagascar, a fascinating country, large as a continent, nature preserved in its original form. Known around the world, Madagascar is a kaleidoscope of spectacular and various landscapes. We are situated on the south east coast, 100 km north of Toliara, in the Vezo fishermen’s village called Tsiandamba which remains hidden from the world.