You will discover one of the most kept secrets of Madagascar, a paradise without artifice, where natural luxury and exotic charm come together in a fascinating combination for the greater pleasure of senses.

Madagascar is a natural vision and the south east part of the island is one of the most protected areas.

Welcome to the land of Vezo for a novel experience, one that is authentic and exclusive, an unforgettable interlude in a postcard-worthy setting.

The real luxury is space. Here, it will seem to you boundless and exclusive. The immense lagoon is welcoming and safe. Explore its depths with a mask and tuba, or an unforgettable dive. At low tide, collect stunning white and pearly pink shells. Embark on a Vezo pirogue, a traditional wooden boat carved from a trunk. While it may seem unsteady, the adroit canoeist will ensure its stability. In the early morning, you may witness the harvesting of algae, a moment when the whole village comes together. Try to wrap your arms around the baobabs that line the path, or catch a fish with a fisherman from the village. There are innumerable ways to experience this adventure… The extraordinary odyssey that merges one thousand and one Malagasy marvels, will leave its mark on your stay on the big island.