VEZO Ethny

VEZO ETHNY : An Exceptional Welcome

The Vezo territory runs along the south east coast of Madagascar within the region of Toliara and Morombe. Nomads from generation to generation, the Vezo are living more and more sedentarily, the fish collectors having set up a system. The Vezo were accustomed to follow the fish shoals, sleeping on the coastal dunes, protected by their only square sail used as a tent.

For the Vezo the sea is their only resource. While the men practice numerous types of fishing on board of the traditional pirogues, the women wait for low tide to walk along the lagoon looking for octopus.

The Vezo have kept their tradition untouched and believe in spirits, always linked to sea, wind and fish. Their pirogues are carved in light wood whose trees are found in the forest called Mikeas forest (the other ethny of the region) situated at the back of the lodge.