GASTRONOMY : The Pleasure Of Taste

Madagascar is reputed for its exceptional gastronomy in this corner of the world: Foie gras with pink peppercorns, fresh lobster, duck magret, various fresh fish and shell fish, bio vegetables, sun kissed fruits; the stay is a travel of the senses for the taste buds.
The dishes are composed of fresh products only. The menu evolves to the rhythm of the seasons and the inspiration. A perfect mix of talent, creativity and tradition for the greater pleasure of your eyes and taste buds, in a perfect presentation of exotic flavours. Our chef delightfully composes a refined cuisine, light and delicate, reflecting the excellence of the products, enhanced by our wine list. Our cuisine will adapt to your wishes.

The Flavour Of Exotic Fruits, The Perfume Of Spices And The Taste Of Tropical Alcohol, A Cocktail Of Sensations

Do not resist to the array of cocktails with enchanting names concocted by our barmen, and taste our various Malagasy rums lounging on the terrace facing the lagoon, in front of one of the most beautiful sunsets.
An excellent service executed with a smile is the final touch to this understated and stylish environment, reflecting the staff and the essence of the place.
The address has the ambition to be the place to eat in Madagascar.